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How to Maintain Seed cleaning machine in Winter  
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Win Tone writes,  January 06, 2016

How to Maintain Seed cleaning machine in Winter


Seed cleaning machine should be maintained in time, especially in winter. Only correct maintenance can keep seed cleaning machine service for a long time. How to maintain seed cleaning machine in winter? There are seven points that we should notice.


1. Notice anticorrosion. As we know that, corrosion can damage metallics. The reason that causes corrosion is the chemical action by oxide etch of water and the acid. To prevent corrosion, we need to keep the seed cleaning machine dry. We can also take care of the acid specially, or paint acidproof material on the seed cleaning machine to protect it.


2. Notice rust prevention. Serious rusting can damage the seed cleaning machine parts strength and make them lose working performance. The reason that causes rusting is mainly the oxidation of water and metal. We can paint anti-rusting agent on the seed cleaning machine. We can also paint used oil for short term of storage.


3. Notice fireproofing. Flammable material’s storage room or site should keep away from fire. And there should have the fire prevention devices, such as fire extinguisher, sand and water tank.

4. Notice the moisture proof problem. Moisture can cause metal rusting or other material corrosion. So we should put the seed cleaning machine parts, material, electric generator and motor in the house and keep them dry.

5. Notice shape distortion of SEED CLEANING MACHINE. For these easily bending parts, we should keep the bedding flat. Keep out of exposure in the sun.

6. Notice frost crack. In the cold winter, because of the low temperature, the liquid in the machine can easily freeze, which may cause volume expansion. So we should drain the liquid in the machine after the shift work.  

7. Notice the problem of loss prevention and thievery prevention. We should keep regular checking and maintenance of the seed cleaning machine parts to prevent thieves and artificial destruction.



From the seven points above, we have learnt some useful knowledge about how to maintain seed cleaning machine in winter. Only learning about these maintenance methods, can the seed cleaning machine have a long serviced time and service for our project very well.


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