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Sesame Peeling Machine Will have a Great Progress  
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starchmachine writes,  January 05, 2016

The sesame peeling machine is nee design,according to market requirement.It suitable for family or small farm to use. Sesame peeling and threshing machine has different type:electric and diesel,according to your local condition,we can supply you different machine for you . 

Features of Sesame Peeling Machine:

1.The machine is easy to operation, high working efficiency,stable performance,save labor.

2.According to your market requirement, we can supply you different machine:electric and diesel.

3.Sesame peeling machine has two step:one peeling corn skin, then thresh corn seeds from corn cob.

The capacity of the sesame peeling machine can get 1~4 tons/h, the shucking pure rate is more than 98%,The sesame peeling machine can be driven by electrical motor,diesel engine and tractor etc. After peeling the sesame you can use sesame peeling machine to remove the corn kernels from the corn cob,or using a multifunctional corn peeler thresher to process the maizes at one time.the maize peeling machine saves labor,saves money,low energy consumption,high production capacity,which is best choice for farmers.



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