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syb writes,  May 03, 2009

Hi - Tripped across this website/forum while searching for info on the HOW food plan (which I used a number of years ago).  I'm searching for support to get back to that lifestyle which was so healthy for me - physically & spiritually. - but I don't see anything here outlining exactly what this plan is all about.  Are there any guidelines posted somewhere on the site?

Thank you for doing this!

Sandee writes,  May 04, 2009

Hi Syb,  Sorry, there isn't a food plan on this site....many people from different food plans us it.  The common denominator though is no sugar no flour.  I follow the Cea HOW plan that I believe you are asking about and the website for that is ceahow.org.  With that though you will need a sponsor to get the plan if you choose to.  There are listings on their site for meetings both in person and via the phone.  Then you can decide if you want to take that route....in any event....I hope that you keep coming back here : )  Have an awesome day!

syb writes,  May 05, 2009

Thanks Sandee - yes, it's the CEA HOW plan, and there are no groups near me (surprising since I live in a larage city!).  I have the plan itself, just need some support to re-embrace that life.  Perhaps that can happen for me here?


Rachel writes,  May 28, 2009

There are phone bridge meetings you can call daily to stay connected.  The # is 712-432-1680 type in pin 152077.  Hope that helps.Wink

Terri writes,  August 12, 2009

http://www.how-oa.org is the link to the Northern California HOW OA meetings, etc.  If you're not in Northern California, I'm sure you can get information for the meetings in your area, too.  The food plan will be given to you by your sponsor.  Good luck!

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