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Debbie writes,  May 03, 2009

Hi, I justed started the no flour, no sugar diet. I need to lose around 20 pounds. I am 55,never had a weight problem before. I guess age and menopause caught up with me. I am a french bread addict. I have been on this diet (way of eating) for 9 days and have not lost a pound. I am so diligent and just feel discouraged. Any support or insite would be so appreciated. Thanks, Debbie

Tracy writes,  May 03, 2009

Hi Debbie,

One thing I noticed on this diet was that I had to count calories.  Alot of people could just stop eating flour and sugar and lose but I was not one of them.  Try to shoot for 1500 calories and see if that does the job along with 3-5 days a week of excercising.  Hope this helps and don't give up.  Also remember to dring lots of water....

Debbie writes,  May 05, 2009

thanks for your support Tracy..I really appreciate it. I am watching my calorie intake..My typical day is Steel Oats in the morning with a handful of blueberries and raisens. Snack maybe a apple or orange or 10 almonds. Lunch is salad with olive oil and balsamic vinegar topped with about 2 ounces of chicken breast or pork tenderloin, snack some air popped popcorn (plain) or fruit. Dinner very similar, salad or stir fired veggies asparagus, bok-choy, broccili and 3-4 ounces of protein, such as chicken breast, salmon, very lean beef. I try and eat dinner no  later than 6:30. Typically have nothing after dinner, but if I am feeling hungry I will have a cut up cucumber, a orange, etc...The only bread I am having is flourless (Ezekial) english muffin (1/2) 80 calories with 1 tsp. sugarless jam. I have that on the mornings I am not having oatmeal (and I hate oatmeal). How does this sound to you. ? I am hoping that when I weight myself saturday I will see some results. I don't know how you can't lose giving up all sugar and flower..I am not over indulging in other foods  , either..Again, thank you so much, Debbie

syb writes,  May 05, 2009

Hi Debbie -

Just wanted to reach out to you as another 55-er - oh yeah, that milestone does change a LOT of things!  LOL!  In my experience, we simply can't eat the same in our 50's and get the same results....so I too am working hard to recommit to the food plan I used a few years ago & had great results - both physical and emotional.  I used the CEA-HOW plan, and an using that again.  It's no sugar, no flour, but also fairly structured on other foods (like nuts, popcorn, etc.)


Frankly, I wouldn't eat oatmeal if you hate it - how about shredded wheat instead?

Looking forward to getting to know you better through this forum - in my experi

Debbie writes,  May 06, 2009

Thanks Syb..I weighed myself this morning and gained 1/2 pound!! Talk about being discouraged. I finally got the oatmeal thing down, I mix in cinnamon, raisens and sliced banana, not too bad. I have also bought the book G.I. diet by Rick Gallop, it is very similar to the no flour, no sugar diet. Although raisens and bananas are a no-no while trying to loose. So I will cut those out too..I am not horribly overweight, need to lose around 20 pounds. Is it normal to have such a slow start..I need encouragement to continue. I am hoping maybe all of sudden the scale will show a decent lose...Thanks so much...p.s. What is the difference between NFNS and CEA

syb writes,  May 08, 2009

CEA (Compulsive Eaters Anonymous) is a 12-step program with a structured eating plan which involves no sugar, no flour.  It requires 3 weighed & measured meals a day.  Very difficult without the support of a group (in my experience), but certainly effective in killing my cravings and helping me manage my food. 

Debbie writes,  May 09, 2009

Thanks Syb,

Well,I weighed myself and the scale still has not moved..I have not been feeling that well..Sort of vertigo..However, I was on Lexapro it is a antidepresent I was taking for anxiety..Well I tapered off and finally totally off it about 3 weeks ok.So I think i am having some withdrawls from it..Also , that is when I gained my weight, from the Lexapro..So maybe it will just take a little more time for my body to adjust and then hopefully it will start to come off like crazy!! Anyone else on SSRI's (antidepresents for anti-anxiety meds)  Thanks, Debbie

p.s. Happy Mothers Day to all

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