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Complete Rice Milling Plant Structure is Very Comp  
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rice mill writes,  December 25, 2015

Complete rice mill plant machine mainly process rice from shelled rice to pearl rice.The capacity can get 500~700 kg/h.It is popular in rice processing factory and farmers processing. This series rice mill machine is convenient to operate and maintain because for its advanced structure.

Complete rice mill plant machine has the advantages of low temperature, high rate of gaining rice, low energy consumption,low temperature and high quality, auto adjust, the belts are apt to be changed, etc.  The whole device of machine from the rice cleaning,stone,remove shell, paddy separator, milled white rice grading process are automatically continuous.


The complete rice mill plant machine is beautiful,compact structure with small footprint,high fine rice rate, less broken, and low power consumption.  The rice mill is mainly used to peeling the paddy of the rice which has been threshed by rice threshing machine.It's popular in the farm and rice processing factory.This series rice milling equipment is the patented article and is awarded national new product. The advantage of complete rice mill plant is no ground hole, lifting the wheat, receiving the bran and flour on the ground, ,by which can process the wheat automatically and reduce the intensity of labor. It’s easy to operate and maintain.




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