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Cathy writes,  July 23, 2008

I'm in OA, but I do a weighed and measured food plan like that for HOW. In a few days, I'm going to be traveling, and I'd like to ask for your ESH regarding the following: The flight gets no meal, and I'm definitely going to be stuck at dinner time. Do you have any suggestions of what I can make and carry? I don't want to carry anything that should be refrigerated, yet I'm still hoping it will be yummy. I'll need a protein serving, veggies, and a fruit. Although it seems simple, on top of everything I won't actually have much space to store it until I can eat! Thanks for any ideas.

Trishis writes,  July 29, 2008

Hmmm...ok, rice cakes, carrot sticks, brown bead, ryvita, fruit, nuts, soya shakes, soya yogurts...sorry have to log off now, but thats a few....and im sure if you do want o tbring something that needs refrigeration the air hostess will oblige and pput it in the fridge for you, maybe if you say you are unable to eat the food provided by the airline and would they mind....Just a thought! I would ask! No harm done!

Terri writes,  August 12, 2009

On the HOW OA plan, 2 cheese sticks = 1 protein serving and that travels well.  Then I usually bring baby carrots and celery with a packet of salad dressing for my veggies and fat.  I get the salad dressing from somewhere like Subway (they usually don't mind just giving you one or even selling it for a quarter).  That shouldn't take up much room in your purse.  If you need even less room, combine 1/8C. of wheat germ with 2T. of salad dressing and press into celery sticks.  That would be your 2 veggie servings, fat serving and the cheese sticks is the protein.  Happy flying!  I'm taking this on my flight to Disneyland at the end of this month!

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