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Rice Husking Machine Technology and Principle  
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rice mill writes,  December 15, 2015

Rice husking machine is one of the types of food processing machinery, used to remove rice bran layer (cortex and germ) into polished rice. Its main working parts are milled white chamber by the rotation of the rolls and its peripheral rice sieve plate punching formation. Brown rice in milled white interior after removing the bran layer is discharged from the meter outlet, rice bran is discharged through the rice sieve sieve.

RICE HUSKING MACHINE feeding mechanism of the feed rate, ground white room the size of the gap and pressure are adjustable, and can switch to a different hole shape and size of rice sieve, to meet different needs. The meter outlet has a pressure door or gate, control the size of the meter outlet, and can be adjusted to obtain different grinding system accuracy and flow

Rice husking machine working principle: when the sample (brown rice) from the hopper flows into the ground into milled white interior, since the inner pressure and mechanical forces pushing pressure of thallium, making brown rice in milled white interior squeeze through autocorrelation friction rub each other, as well as brown rice and wheel between after the leave, that can be removed quickly brown the skin, reach the level of precision of the measured rice whiteness in regulating certain time.



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