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Win Tone writes,  December 09, 2015

Intellectualized Grain processing equipment wholesale Advantages Discussion
Grain processing equipment wholesale is developing towards intellectualized direction, which makes grain processing equipment wholesale operation and running more convenient. Now, let’s talk about intellectualized grain processing equipment wholesale advantages.
First, it can realize easy operation and maintenance.
Second, it helps us realize computer control so as to reduce labor cost and production cost.
Third, it improves corn processing efficiency, and will finally bring more economic benefits.
Therefore, there has large benefit and lots of advantages to realize grain processing equipment wholesale intellectualization.

There are three DEGERMINATION METHODS for grain processing equipment wholesale: semi-wet method degermination, wet method degermination and dry method degermination.

First, semi-wet method degermination technology:
This technology utilizes water absorption difference of corn germs and endosperm, the elasticity of the water absorption and the crushing strength to realize germs degermination. For example, for the soaked whole corn kernels (water content : 18-22%), its endosperm and germs water content and crushing strength is different: endosperm: 10~30 kg/cm2,germs:20~50 kg/cm2. We crush, peel and remove the corn germs and then separate net endosperm(germs≤1.2%), germs and their mixture by utilizing different granularity, gravity and suspension speed of germs and endosperm.

Then we uitilize gravity classifying to process the mixture and separate germs by germs flaking and screening. Corn-cleaning(removing impurities, iron material and small paddles)-dampening and tempering-peeling-flaking-grading-degermination and air draft-peeling-flour sifting. According to the researches, semi-wet method degermination is has the best comprehensive effect in alcohol plant.
Second, wet method degermination:
Soak the corn into the water containing large quantity of sulphurous acid, then grind and degerm it and separate full corn germs by the spiral separator. This method has been widely used in starch industry and glucose industry to produce 99% purity of starch.

Third, dry method degermination:
We can directly degerm when the corn contains 14.5% of moisture, then after once or several times of flaking, we extract corn germs. The current dry method corn degermination contains the two different technology: corn multi-production degermination technology and corn single production dry method degermination technology.

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