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Our Gravity Destoner Machine Has a Higher Competit  
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starchmachine writes,  December 09, 2015

The gravity destoner machine is mainly used for removing the coarse impurities, such as abreast stones, mud pieces and coal cinder, after wheat pre-cleaning. It also can be used for cleaning and choice of other food grains. Our gravity destoning machine is the new equipment produced in our factory. It combines the shock cleaning and specific gravity stone removing into a complete set of cleaning devices. Gravity destoner machine can separate the stone, pebble, clod from wheat, paddy, corn, sesame, nuts, stone fruits, vegetable seeds, etc , according to material weight difference.

GRAVITY DESTONER MACHINE has the features of higher destoning efficiency and high production capacity. Destoner is the blow type destoner, which is not only widely applied for removing stone from all kinds of seeds and grains, also can be used in other fields such as remove stone from active carbon.

The gravity destoner machine is according to the different specific gravity and suspension speed between seeds and dinas, make use of the combine effect of wind-force and vibration, to separate the stone in seeds.It can classify and/or separate crushed corn (maize), corn germ and endosperm, light impurities from durum or ergot from wheat.  This machine is used for removing the same-size stones and light impurities.With the combination of fluidization and deck oscillation, heavy particles migrate to upper levels of the deck discharge from outlets and the light particles move to the lower level of the deck.





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