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vickyhuatai writes,  December 04, 2015

The nutritional value of sunflower oil lies mainly in two aspects of low cholesterol high linoleic acid, and fry rape oil smoke in sunflower seed oil, is a kind of vegitable oil which is very suitable for family.

Sunflower oil contain sterol, vitamin, linoleic acid and other substances which is beneficial to humans, for general cooking, also can be used as a cold oil.

Long-term science edible eating of sunflower oil is good for human health.

As more and more people pay attention to the nutritional value of sunflower seed oil, sunflower seed oil has gradually become the trend of oil consumption.

Henan HuaTai grain and oil machinery co., LTD is a specialized design sunflower oil processing technology, manufacturing installation of sunflower oil production equipment.

sunflower oil production technology mainly includes the following several stages:


Technology: sunflower seed oil extraction section

1, alkali washing oil (level 4);

2, alkali washing, dewaxing process (aroma);

3 water, alkali refining, deodorization; (secondary and tertiary oil)

4, alkali washing, bleaching, deodorization, dewaxing process (level 1)

Squeeze the sunflower oil process:

1, containing shell pressing:

2, shell press

3, press cake - leaching

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