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alicia writes,  March 16, 2009


Is z sweet ok in the cea how program? It is Erythritol...


Sandee writes,  March 18, 2009

Erythritol has some calories in it like sorbitol and xylitol, (they're sugar alcohols)....my guess would be...not on it's own.....xylitol has some calories on its own but it seems to be okay to chew it in gum....that's all I know.

Sandee writes,  March 21, 2009

Ha ha ha....I was just putting my stevia in my yogurt....the same stevia that I've been eating for about 4 years....and I noticed that the main other ingredient is Eythirtol....the calories are 0....and it's been a huge blessing to me all this time : )  The brand is Stevita in case anyone wants to know.

Vcanfield writes,  November 07, 2009

Erthritol is actually considered a calorie free food. It has something like .02 calories per gram. It is much like stevia in that respect and does not give you gastri-intestinal problems like other sugar alcohols.

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