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The Nation Subsidy Policy on Henan Corn flakes mac  
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Win Tone writes,  December 01, 2015

The Nation Subsidy Policy on Henan Corn flakes machine


As a large agricultural province, Henan corn flakes machine is paid lots of attention by the nation. Now, there have some subsidy policies on Henan corn flakes machine.


State subsidies give farmers good chances to grow food with great psychological comfort, but also enable farmers to see the hope of rising food prices . But if the food is not really up hope farmers are also difficult to maintain in mind. The current policy design nominally subsidies to farmers , in fact, the consumer society for all agricultural subsidies , farmers actually benefit is relatively small. In 2008 , China's investment in agricultural subsidies increase of 91.97 percent year on year in 2007 , but the total subsidies to farmers actually received only 72 yuan , while the national average incremental cost per acre of grain in more than 80 yuan .


Henan is the epitome of food production and wheat production which accounts for about a quarter of the national total . Seed  planted acreage accounted for 10.23 percent of the country , accounting for 9.6 % of national output . So CORN FLAKES MACHINE has large potential market.



Recently, Henan grain household income decreased significantly . Let’s take winter wheat for example, wheat per acre , excluding the cost of labor costs 535 yuan / mu to 450 kg of wheat per mu , 1.64 yuan / kg of the market purchase price is calculated , plus state-subsidized 82 yuan / mu , foldable wheat income of 738 yuan , a net gain of about 203 to 218 yuan / mu , down 32 yuan / mu last year , a decline of approximately 12.8% . part no local government financial subsidies to grain growing areas supporting farmers grain yield decreased by about 60 yuan / acre.


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