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Win Tone writes,  December 01, 2015

Seed  is one of our main food crops in China with the features of long industry chain and high nutrition. By seed  flour mill, we can process seed  into various kinds of food, livestock feed and industrial raw material. This can utilize the seed  nutrition value at the maximum degree. Over ten years of development, our seed cleaning machine development has the following features:

1. Seed cleaning machine development makes the seed  consumption increase greatly year by year and improves the enthusiasm of seed  planting and seed  acreage. 

2. The product structure has further improvement. At first, the SEED  PROCESSING EQUIPOMENT was mainly used in seed  processing, but now it has been used in starch and alcohol processing. It makes us extend the industry chain and the resources efficient usage. 

3. The enterprise scale is enlarged slowly. The seed cleaning machine enterprise is developing towards high centralization degree by new building, merging and restructuring. 

4. The company layout is transferring towards the raw material origin place. This is conducive to the charges reduction in transferring. 

5. Improve farmers’ living standards.


Seed cleaning machine is the essential machine in seed  processing and other grain processing. What’s the requirement for seed cleaning machine manufacture? As people living standard rise, demand for food quality is becoming higher. Seed cleaning machine is the main equipment for seed  processing, which widely used in seed  processing industry. With the continuous development of seed  processing machinery, number of seed  processing machinery manufacturers also increase, so, below are some requirements for seed  processing machinery manufacture:

1. The seed cleaning machine plant should be built in the absence of harmful gases, smoke, dust, radioactive substances and other invasive pollution source region.

2. The plant should guarantee good ventilation effect, reasonable design, which can meet the requirements of seed cleaning machine production process, at the same time to ensure the production area separated from the living quarters.

3. When seed  processing machinery manufacturer plan to build the workshop, you should have enough space to ensure the material storage and transportation.

4. Ensure the cleaning of plant and seed cleaning machine, avoid the invasion of the rats, flies and other insects.

Besides, Farmers' overall living level improves. Seed  products from small scale of SEED CLEANING MACHINE, and can not meet their requirements for the bad flavor and taste. So many of them give up processing by themselves but going to shop to choose seed  products. The grain planting structure is also changing. Farmers have more requirement standard for grains. Many of them don't store grains any more. Besides, the seed  processing cost is higher and higher.


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