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Corn milling machine wholesale for sale in Kenya  
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Win Tone writes,  November 27, 2015

Corn milling machine wholesale for sale in Kenya

Kenya is an important crops planting country in Africa. People in Kenya like to eat corn food. With Kenya economic development, the demands for corn milling machine wholesale are becoming larger and larger. Besides, Kenya also imports large quantity of other grain milling equipments, such as wheat milling machine, beans milling machine, lentil milling machine.  And corn milling machine wholesale can satisfy all the above requirements. Therefore, corn milling machine wholesale has large potential market in Kenya.

A MAIZE FLOUR MILLING MACHIEN has the stable performance and function in milling maize. Then how does it works? Through mechanical force of roll grinder, the germ, epidermis and endosperm are neatly separated. The coarse cereal mill ensures that a kernel with nutrient content remains after the milling process of endosperm is completed. The machine therefore produces flour with the required particle size. This coarse cereal mill machine is an ideal equipment to small and medium size coarse milling plants.  It has a higher yield in extracting germ from various grains. The corn milling machine wholesale has lower installation and operation costs.


Recently, our president visited Africa. This deepens the friendship of China and Africa countries, especially Kenya. Meanwhile, more and more Kenya people know China corn milling machine wholesale and its specific application in Africa market and qualified performance in maize flour milling. For the next step, we will continue strengthening the cooperation between the two countries, improve our corn milling machine wholesale technology and design level to serve the Africa market much better!


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