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SEED DEHULLER Is Conducive to Rural and Urban Area  
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Win Tone writes,  November 26, 2015

SEED DEHULLER Is Conducive to Rural and Urban Areas Combination

Seed dehuller helps to form the combination between rural areas and urban areas. Rural areas are the seed  planting places. But seed dehuller is usually manufactured by the companies in the urban areas. And farmers or food processing plants need to purchase equipment. This will make the two different areas much closer. 

Innovation is an inexhaustible motive force for national development and progress. Reform and innovation is the goal of our Party and we need to keep a basic experience of vigor and vitality. Leaders of the CPC attaches great importance to the core issues of reform and innovation, with Comrade Hu Jintao as general secretary of the CPC Central Committee is highly regarded in congress report, "innovation" the word appears 57 times, and profoundly pointed out , the global, national development and changes in the situation of the party , decided to reform and innovation to strengthen party building both vital and urgent. 


In the national organization meeting , we need to analyze the economic development station from changes in the international situation, from the development of socialism with Chinese characteristics and objective requirements, from improving the party's ability to maintain and develop its vanguard nature highly elaborated strategy vigorously promote the reform significance of innovative , repeatedly stressed the importance and urgency. 


This research work requires us to do a good job in building in the new situation, to broaden the horizons of the direction, especially in SEED DEHULLER industry. At present, China has entered a critical period of reform and development , profound changes in the economic system , the profound changes in the social structure , the pattern of interests profound adjustment , ideas, profound changes , coupled with our food machinery reform started late , further deepening the reform process, the party's construction will encounter a lot of new situations and new problems , we need to think deeply and actively practice , to be resolved through deepening reform and innovation. 




Therefore, we can vigorously carry forward the spirit of reform and innovation , under the new situation of our party and improve its ability to maintain and develop its vanguard nature of the key , but we do a good job of party building food systems research to improve the quality of the key work of party building. We must thoroughly study and understand the congress report and General Secretary Hu Jintao's important speech, with a sense of responsibility and the spirit of reform and innovation of high political and conscientiously study and solve the outstanding contradictions and problems in the current food system work of party building, and efforts to promote Party building work new breakthroughs, new progress, to implement the requirements of reform and innovation. 


We always try to make the rural areas develop faster and farmers become much richer. It is a good method to realize this goal by developing seed dehuller and technology from the urban areas. 



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