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vickyhuatai writes,  November 25, 2015
One, Waste tyre oil refining prospects
With the rapid development of industry, various types of tyre products in the bring convenient to people ,while, also caused many problems.It is difficult to decomposes in the natural environment, a large number of waste tires caused serious environmental pollution.At present, the main method to process waste tyre are landfill and incineration.But landfill and incineration will cause secondary pollution.
Using waste tyre refining fuel has received the attention of the countries all over the world and refining waste tires can not only avoid the environmental pollution caused by waste tires, but also bring certain economic benefits.
Two, The waste tyre refining advantage
Waste tyre oil refining equipment developed by our company are: new, efficient, environmental protection, etc.
1 the waste tyre refining equipment of environmental protection: by flue cooler and spray dust removal system, achieve the goal of removing dust, collection coefficient can reach above 95%.
2 waste tyre oil refining equipment, energy-saving : via exhaust system in the combustion reaction kettle bottom, can prevent air pollution, and can save fuel.
3 waste tyre refining efficiency: reaction kettle bottom heat evenly, raw material fast pyrolysis, which greatly improving the production efficiency.
Three,Tyre oil refining applications:
Waste rubber tires   scrap cable skin  waste plastics
Four, Service and guarantee
1 the real reliability technology guarantee;
2 protect the interests of customers,  ensure customer profit;
3 technical personnel to guide the company founded the factory, until the production of refined products.
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