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applycation of Degossypolized cottonseed protein  
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vickyhuatai writes,  November 22, 2015

1.       The application of the removing gossypol cottonseed protein in pig feed

Dephenolizing process of removing gossypol cottonseed protein feed protein is a kind of good quality and competitive prices. In the whole process of preparing and dephenolizing process, handling of the material is always low temperature operation, not only greatly reduces the content of free gossypol underground, and maximally avoid the thermal denaturation of protein, to ensure the dephenolizing cottonseed protein nutrition is changeless, digestible using constant, therefore, can be used as the piglet feed protein source.

2.       Removing gossypol cottonseed protein application in poultry feeding

When prepared with general raw material feed, poultry feed is the most easy to lack of essential amino acid in methionine, due to the lack of it will affect the whole feed in the utilization of other amino acids, and reduces the utilization value of the feed.Removing gossypol cottonseed protein methionine than 50% higher than that of soybean meal, 150% of the amount of methionine and cystine and soybean meal, so removing gossypol cottonseed protein is very suitable for poultry feed raw materials.

3.       Removing gossypol cottonseed protein in the application of the ruminant material


Removing gossypol cottonseed protein than soybean meal or rather their protein content, and higher than that of cotton pulp and other sources of plant sex protein feed, compared with the ordinary cotton pulp (table 2), the content of crude protein (CP) and net can produce milk (NEL) increased by 31.95% and 19% respectively, soybean meal (pie), cotton pulp (pie), sunflower meal, rapeseed meal and til meal protein content were 40% ~ 40%, 36% ~ 45%, 30% ~ 33%, 33% ~ 37% and 31% ~ 33%.

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