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Paddy Cleaner Main Features and Functions Analyzes  
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rice mill writes,  November 10, 2015

In rice milling processing, the paddy cleaner is fed into the indent cylinder at the feed inlet situated at the high end of the sloping cylinder. The undersize grain is captured by the indents and is carried up as the cylinder revolves until a point is reached where the grain is dislodged by gravity and is collected in a flared trough screw conveyor and discharged. Paddy cleaner has a important role in rice milling operation.

Main Features of PADDY CLEANER:

 1. Saving energy: short process,husking first, then fine grinding, low power consumption, one 3kw single phase motor is required.

 2. Convenient operation: process indoors and outdoors,it can be operated by old and young, men and women, White rice can be collected after paddy into machine by connection with electricity.

 3. High rate of output rice, good quality, complete granule, highly polished. It can meet the process demand of peasant household.

 4. Paddy cleaner adopts pressure lead headpiece. High rate of husking, less broken rice, very simple operation and maintenance.

This paddy cleaner is essential for cleaning and grading of all kinds of seeds and grains.The machine is designed with a purpose of cleaning stones, impurities like straw etc. The paddy cleaner machine is designed with a purpose of cleaning stones, impurities like straw etc. These are perfectly cleaned on the principle. Paddy Cleaner is used to take out the foreign materials in the paddy or corn, It has several layers of screens and it works on a unique sideways motion.




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