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Had a bad day!  
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Amee writes,  March 03, 2009

So, yesterday was a bad day.  I had to go to the store after work to get some items for dinner that I didn't have stocked in the kitchen.  BAD IDEA!  I should have known somehting was wrong when I started going down isles that I haven't been down in 8 months!  I didn't get anything with flour and sugar in it but I came out with a big bag of rice chips which were imediately inhaled :(  I got to thinking about it later (especialy when I felt like my stomach was going to crawl back up my esophegous it was so sick from the fat!) and wondered what it was that set up that frenzy.  Why, at that time, was I so crazy about the food?!  Then I realized that I had been out of Stevia that morning and had used Splenda.  I looked at the packet and sure enough, there was a processed sugar!  How crazy is it that something as small as that would cause this HUGE change in me?!  Really a testimant to how much sugar can affect your body and psyche!

Sandee writes,  March 03, 2009

Hi Amee.....just get right back on that horse....it's just a little set back....don't let it take you down.  Call your sponsor, go to a meeting, do what you need to to get back in control.....I just said a prayer for you.

Fran writes,  March 21, 2009

I spoke with my sponsor about the splenda and she said that it was ok to use.  I'm on day 33 and I have not had a problem with it.   

Sandee writes,  March 21, 2009

I don't have a problem with it either...but some do....there's a woman in my meeting who says it gives her cravings too....so she just doesn't use it.

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