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Super Paddy Husker Machine Has A High Technology  
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starchmachine writes,  October 15, 2015

The super paddy husker machine is the very latest Paddy Husker built for very high capacity with the absolute minimum of breakage. The aspiration section of the super paddy husker machine has also been redesigned and a wider body selected. Mainly used for milling hull rice and crushing the husk into fine chaff that can be used for forage.

Many new features are incorporated in the SUPER PADDY HUSKER MACHINE. Flow rate is controlled by a vibratory feeder, similar to those used in our colour sorters. Belt routing is simplified by the use of a double sided toothed belt.

Product Features of Super Paddy Husker Machine:
1. It has two sets of disk mill /grinder device, husk is crushed two times, higher efficiency & finer chaff.

2. First, the device hulls, then mills the rice.

3. Good quality white rice; low temperature rise; small bran content; low broken rice rate & high rice output rate.

4. Compact structure, and convenient operation and repair.


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