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What?s the role Sesame Peeling Machine Playing in  
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starchmachine writes,  October 13, 2015

Sesame peeling machine is a simple structure and easy to operate with high production efficiency and perfect product. This sesame peeling machine is an indispensable sesame processing machine. It can be used single or in processing lines.

Principle of SESAME PEELING MACHINE: the hull and kernel are pushed continulously by the stirrer driven by decelerator to move in radial and axile direction. The hull is discharged through the holes on the plate, while the kernel is sustained by the plate with holes, and thus they are separated from each other. Keep processing equipment in order to prolong sesame peeling machine service life. The tools, accessories and workpieces should be put in order. Sesame peeling machine safety guard device should be complete, and the pipelines should be complete.

All the sesame peeling machine are packed by standard wooden case package, or as your exact requests; Shipment are arranged usually within 15 working days after order, by standard shipping container as your exact order quantity. The sesame peeling machine is mainly composed of deceleration gear box, composite agitator, separator, heater, and the import and export tube structure, etc. 



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