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How is the Paddy Cleaner Machine Performance?  
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starchmachine writes,  October 12, 2015

Paddy cleaner machine is mainly used in clearing out various impurity substances in grain.It has many features such as high impurity-removing rate,smooth operation,stable performance,low power consumption ,low noise and good sealing performance.

In this article i will introduce PADDY CLEANER MACHINE operation process. Paddy cleaner is the second cleaner in the mill which can remove the middle and light impurity . The structure of paddy cleaner machine: two vibratory motors make the self-balance to-and-frovibration. The vertical suction channel can remove the light impurities and the immature paddy. The clean paddy are moved to YT15 paddy huller for hulling treatment, rice husks are delivered to outside by coarse bran separator or collected by cyclone.


Paddy cleaner machine is a necessary equipment in the processing of rice plant.Our paddy cleaner machines can do up to 200kg of milled rice per hour and are perfect for small millers, farmers, schools etc. Their bigger machines on the other hand, can do up to a ton of milled rice per hour and are best suited for big established millers and large government institutions. All you have to do is to choose a good paddy cleaner that meets your needs.

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