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Paddy Cleaner Machine Design Principle and Purpose  
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starchmachine writes,  October 07, 2015

The paddy cleaner machine is designed with a purpose of cleaning stones, impurities like straw etc. These are perfectly cleaned on the principle of gravity. The paddy is made to float on screen by a double blower arrangement. The air can be controlled with the help of separate shutter provided on the frame and blowers.

This PADDY CLEANER MACHINE according to the grain, particle size and proportion for replacement screen mesh, mesh perforated plate mesh and stainless steel net, choose good after screen, fan according to the proportion of sieving objects adjustable air flow, such as millet, castor seeds, sesame, sunflower seed grain weight is lighter, fan can be inverted air shutter again after meet screen distinguish selected requirement.

Paddy cleaner machine is also applied to other grains such as corn, wheat and so on.  After turning on the power supply, containing impurities after the first layer, the second floor, the third layer sieve, crushed corn cob of corn, dander, leaf, flat bread, moldy corn, pebbles, dust and other impurities from different impurity to expel, clean corn from screening machine discharging mouth.



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