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Oat dehuller usage  
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Win Tone writes,  October 07, 2015

Oat dehuller industry is in a prosperous situation now. We should grasp the opportunity to develop new types which can extend the processing products so that the oat dehuller can be used in more industries. 

Oat dehuller can remove oat shells efficiently. Oat dehuller consists of input hopper, bucket elevator, main part of the machinery (including: two sets of dehuller, separating screen for shell-seeds-kernels, separating screen for seeds-kernels, shells-discharging device), re-separator, kernels collector, pneumatic device for back-flowing materials and electric control cabinet

The development of oat dehuller to make oat is not confined to food industry. Today, the oat industry chain extends to various industries, in the oat utilization maximization also contribute to the green earth. 

Before the oat in addition to provide food for the people, it is the biggest use of aquaculture industry, but it is just the way the use of the most basic use of oat. Oat was first applied to alcohol, oat is an important raw material for ethanol. Production of alcohol is not only edible, can also be used in industry and medicine. 

In addition, oat dehuller processing products are also able to act on a number of areas among textile, pharmaceutical , etc. Before the oat after only a growing and selling the two links in the industrial chain, but today after the oat grinded into a variety of industrial products, it greatly extends the oat dehuller industrial chain, it provides people with higher profits, while oat dehuller produced by the alternative products also effectively saves the planet's resources. 

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