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Win Tone writes,  September 28, 2015

Pea processing equipment or pea processing machine is used to clean pea, peel pea, polish pea and mill pea. It can individually or synchronously produce pea kernels and pea flour. We can provide you with multiple configurations for your different pea processing requirements. We are committed to every part of the processing and only want to use our experience to help you and your beans. And this pea processing equipment can also process pigeon pea, lentil, mung bean and other beans.

Pea processing equipment end products: we can get qualified fine pea kernels and pea flour from pea processing equipment. The finished products can be controlled by your requirements.
To produce pea kernels, the users only need to start peeling and kernel brushing equipments and adjust distribution valve. To produce pea flour, we can start all the machines and adjust distribution valve to pack bean flour. To produce kernels and flour simultaneously,we can start all the machines and adjust distribution valve to get various products with different proportions. The whole set is practical, flexible, easily operated and its products can be adjusted accordingly.


For kernel production: big kernel yield rate: 85%, broken kernel yield rate: 5%, husk rate: 5-10% (depending on different bean species)
For pea flour production: flour yield rate: 90-95%, husk rate: 5-10% (depending on different species)
Raw grain moisture: ≤ 14%

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