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Lee writes,  March 02, 2009

I just started this diet a few weeks ago and wanted to know if I am suppose to be counting calories or not?  Can anyone tell me if they are or not and their results please. 

Helen83 writes,  March 02, 2009

Hi Lee,  I am not aware of an official "no sugar no flour" diet plan.  There are programs such as CEA-HOW that abstain from sugar and flour.  There are other similar programs like Food Addicts Anonymous and OAHOW (Over Eaters Anonymous).  All these programs are predicated on a 12 step program and do not count calories.  There are support groups available for these programs.

You can find more information on CEA-HOW at: http://www.ceahow.org/

There are other diet plans such as Sugar Busters and South Beach Diet that abstain from sugar.  I am not really familar with these diet plans or whether they count calories.



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