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starchmachine writes,  September 24, 2015

As we all know, sesame peeling machine is a special equipment for sesame peeling efficiently and automatically with no damage. It is driven by the gear shaft agitator rotating mixing for sesame hull removing and separating from kernel.

The SESAME PEELING MCAHINE is specially used to peel the shell/hull from the sesame automatically. It will help you get the clean and hulled sesame seed in a fastest way. The sesame peeling machine is easy to operate, which is an indispensable machine to the sesame processing industry. The sesame seed has a large market, it can be used in many industries and fields. Sesame seeds are commonly added to bakery and creative confectionery across the world. It can make high-grade pastries to improve the nutrition and flavor.

Of course, sesame peeling machine needs some maintenance work after operation. Maintenance can prolong sesame peeling machine service life and reduce wear-out failure. Sesame peeling machine abrasion is due to various factors. In order to increase the service life of sesame peeling machine, we must insist doing this maintenance work.





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