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Oat dehuller development features  
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Win Tone writes,  September 23, 2015

Grain  as a healthy food has gradually catch up on wheat and rice, which drives OAT DEHULLER development. 
Oat dehuller began to develop high performance, high quality automation equipment, according to the requirement of the market and the people’s suggestion on equipment for technological transformation, the renewal of grain  processing line laid a foundation.
Initial stage of oat dehuller mechanical structure usually form of cyclone structure milling equipment, large scale equipment of flat screen milling steel structure, less material consumption, high quality and great varieties, the production rate can be adjusted which can reach a number of customer requirements.
Features of oat dehuller for Sale
1. Its application in plastic industry demand unchanged whiteness after high temperature heating, which can play a skeleton effect, and has a great effect on the stability of the scale of the plastic products, also can progress the hardness of products.
2. It is increasingly widely used.
3. It is helpful to promote the development of agricultural economy.
4. It reduces the dust pollution in the process of production, and the capital is low.
5. It has an important effect in the food industry, not only can reduce the production capital, but also increases the patience and strength of products.
The improvement of people's requirements for grain  food brings opportunities for oat dehuller development.

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