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Grain cleaning machine influence analysis  
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Win Tone writes,  September 22, 2015

Does grain cleaning machine have any influence on corn flavor? With the rapid development of grain cleaning machine, we can produce more and more kinds of corn products. We know that people like grain food now for its more health value. And grain cleaning machine can improve corn taste and edible ability by technology development.

Traditional grain cleaning machine can just produce corn grits and corn flour with coarse fineness. Due to the technology restriction, the original corn grits or flour is always mixed into some sand or other impurities, which affects corn products flavor. Even if we clean the corn, there still has some residual microorganism bacteria, mould and other pollutant. If there has some corn bran mixed, it may be harmful to human health.

After long term of technology innovation, grain cleaning machine can provide us with the high quality corn end products. Grain cleaning machine includes maize cleaning, maize peeling, maize grinding, measuring and packaging sections. 
1. Grain cleaning machine first removes impurities mixed with the corn kernels: one classifying process can sort out qualified size of corn kernels; one polishing machine can remove the impurities which adhere to the kernel surface and make kernels look more bright.

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