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Win Tone writes,  September 22, 2015

What affects grain cleaning machine yield under certain conditions? 


First, corn kernels grinding degree. During grain cleaning machine operation, with roll clearance decreasing and grinding area length increasing, the effective grinding teeth of the high speed roll becomes more and the grinding degree is improved. But the unit flow of the grinding machine will be reduced relatively. 


Second, the height of the grinding teeth. In grain cleaning machine grinding, with grinding teeth wearing, the grinding teeth may not easily catch the material. And the sliding on the grinding roll surface will be strengthened. The corn kernels movement speed in the grinding area will be lowered. Due to the smaller and smaller grinding teeth height, the material between the two grinding teeth gap will reduce and also make the grain cleaning machine yield reduce. 


Third, the moisture content of the raw corn material. Too high moisture content in the corn may cause low corn flour yield. 


Fourth, the grinding capacity. After several sections of grinding, the endosperm is scraped gradually. And the corn kernels unit weight is reduced. The unit flow of the grain cleaning machine will also be reduced. 


Fifth, the material granularity. When the material granularity has large difference when entering into the same grinding system, the smaller granules may not be ground. And this will cause low yield of the grain cleaning machine. 



The grain cleaning machine feed delivery pipe is the unprocessed corn conveying pipe of grain cleaning machine equipment. It consist of straight pipe and elbow. Sometimes, we need to change the material delivery direction, then we need elbow or soft pipe. Corn delivery may change the direction due to fierce friction and crash between corn and the outside wall at the elbow part. So in the elbow movement, the feed delivery pipe blocking always starts from the elbow part. Elbow resistance has inverse proportion to the turn angle. Therefore, elbow should adopt the biggest turn angle. Besides, the elbow resistance also changes with the radius of curvature. Usually, the bigger is the radius of curvature, the less will the elbow resistance be.


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