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The Unique Wheat Square Plansifter Structure Desig  
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zhu writes,  September 21, 2015

Square plansifter is a machine in the flour mill in which plays very important role in processing to produce of flour. Wheat and grains are processed into grits or flour and the mixing material with big and small granules can be screened by the square plansifter. The multilayer sieve surface constitutes certain sieve road, so the square plansifter can screen big, medium and small grits and separate wheat flour. It can also screen other grain material.


The square plansifter is consist of following  main parts: Compartment as  two pieces  (sifter  section), Chasis (drive section), Swinging parts at both side.



The square plansifter machine is used for sifting and classifying grinded grain by roller mill machine.  The building block design can realize highest flexibility. Processing of sifting is arranged according to milling diagramme.  It can offer two cases, four cases, six cases, eight cases or ten cases and can be assembled at random.





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