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Danielle writes,  February 25, 2009

is rice flour allowed or things like rice tortillas?  i am having a really hard time finding things i can eat on the go since i am a mother of a one year old, a full time college student and work 20 hours a week i need to know something i can make thats moderately quick, any advice?


Sandee writes,  February 26, 2009

HI Danielle,  Rice flour is still flour but there are a lot of things we can eat.  Brown rice cakes with no added sugar, Ezekiel bread and tortillas...these are at the Health Food stores....my favorite bread is Food 4 Life...it's the most like regular bread.  Triscuits and Tostitos are good for a quick grain too.  I make whole durumn wheat pasta ahead of time....it will last about 3 days in the refrigerator....and pre-measure it for a quick grab.  I use soy burger...you don't need to cook it....but you could also pre-cook hamburger and measure it into bags that you can freeze or store in the refrigerator....mix with 1/2 C low sugar spaghetti sauce, eat with a 16 oz bag of frozen veggies and you have a quick filling lunch or dinner.  A favorite of mine right now for lunch is "Cauliflower Salad" with "Raw Yogurt Dressing"  they're on the site, I have it with 8 oz cut raw veggies...I like parsnips and jicama and 8 oz of yogurt sweetened with stevia and topped with 2 T sugar free syrup.  When I'm busy during the week I eat the same things over and over....and they're things I like...on the weekends or when I have extra time is when I experiment.  Another things that's good to have on hand for quick and easy is V8 juice or baby carrots, cheese sticks and Triscuits....not the best....but good in a pinch.  Good luck....you can do it : )

DaCoop writes,  February 26, 2009

FYI: You can find recipes that are easy to prepare and are great for take along meals.   You can run a recipe search (on this site) by the selecting "Keywords" and click on "Quick and Easy"

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