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Sesame cleaning machine profits increasing  
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Win Tone writes,  September 16, 2015

o help the SESAME CLEANING MACHINE save energy is to give it a hand to increase profits as ennergy consumption is a big cost. If the sesame cleaning machine have methods to effectively control the energy consumption, its profits will accordingly improve.

The complete layout of the sesame cleaning machine should conform to management requirements. The related raw grain storage, cleaning, milling workshops should be arranged closely to shorten conveying distance in avoidance of repeating. The main production workshop, dormitory and office building should focus on lighting and ventilation. The power distribution room and transformer station should be close to the production workshop.

The design of sesame cleaning machine is in terms of production and processing flow. The complicated maize flour mill workshop should use multi-layer buildings.

Every machine has its own rated power which can not exceed the recommended power on the instruction manual.

The sesame cleaning machine should have complete management system to efficiently save energy for maize flour mill. The workers should cooperate with the electrician to reduce malfunction and accident of the electric circuit.


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