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Grain cleaning machine transmission features  
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Win Tone writes,  September 16, 2015

GRAIN CLEANING MACHINE positive pressure transmission is also called pneumatic pressure transmission, which is one of the pneumatic transmission forms. Positive pressure transmission consists of one system, which includes the following several devices: The first positive pressure component of grain cleaning machine: roots blower. Roots blower is the power source of the system. It can press the outside air into the pipeline continuously. It forms high speed airflow in the pipeline, and depends on the airflow function to drive corn material advancing in the pipeline. The second positive pressure of grain cleaning machine: airlock. It is the throat part of the system. It can convey corn material into the delivery pipe evenly and prevent the positive pressure air overflow from the pipeline. The third positive pressure of grain cleaning machine: feed delivery pipe. It is the road for airflow and raw material movement. Its diameter should meet the requirement of conveying quantity and ensure the pipeline’s good sealing. It also requires the inner wall smoothness, less lines turning and large turning circle so as to reduce the motion resistance of the airflow and material in the pipeline. The fourth positive pressure of grain cleaning machine: double-switch. When the conveying system has two or more emptying points, we need set double-switch or more switches in the pipeline. The grain cleaning machine feed delivery pipe is the unprocessed corn conveying pipe of grain cleaning machine equipment. It consist of straight pipe and elbow. Sometimes, we need to change the material delivery direction, then we need elbow or soft pipe. Corn delivery may change the direction due to fierce friction and crash between corn and the outside wall at the elbow part. So in the elbow movement, the feed delivery pipe blocking always starts from the elbow part. Elbow resistance has inverse proportion to the turn angle. Therefore, elbow should adopt the biggest turn angle. Besides, the elbow resistance also changes with the radius of curvature. Usually, the bigger is the radius of curvature, the less will the elbow resistance be. During grain cleaning machine, to improve the elbow abrasive resistance and extend elbow service life, the elbow is always designed into the rectangular section. And for the easily worn parts, such as the outside plate of the elbow, we can make it in the form of flange plate connection. When the outside plate is worn, we just need to replace it with the new one without need of changing all of elbows. Sometimes, in the dismountable outside plate, we can also line with the wear-resisting plate, such as ultra high molecular weight polythene wear-resisting plate, polyurethane wear-resisting plate or manganese steel plate to extend elbow maintenance and replacing term. http://www.grain-cleaning.com/

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