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Combined Rice Mill is a Kind of Commonly Used Equi  
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starchmachine writes,  September 09, 2015

Combined rice mill is a ideal type for processing rice in farmlandstownsgrain shops and specialized households, and it can upgrade milling degree of rice according to the demands of users by adding some follow-up equipments. The combined rice mill has such advantages of small floor space and compact structure, reasonable layout. The fine bran out of whitener will be collected by a fine bran cyclone, and the rice out of rice outlet mouth is the finished rice.


This COMBINED RICE MILL shares the same motor with stone cleaning machine and cleaning sieve, before start-up, V-belt should be adjusted to the adequate tightness degree. Besides, there is switch gate on brown rice hopper and double elevating conveyor, through switch, paddy separator sieve will have enough time to have enough material and adjust to the situation of most ideal separate effect, to make sure that clean brown rice in to whitener.


In the end, combined rice mill can make all the materials return to husker to shell, and then into whitener without through paddy separator, so can have a fast ending, and no residual in the all equipment.





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