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Lesley writes,  February 20, 2009

I was wondering what besides salt , i can put on my sweet potatoe fries. It seems ketchup has sugars in it.  Wondering if any one puts another type of dressing on them?  Thanks :)

Sandee writes,  February 22, 2009

Hi Lesley,

There is a "one carb" ketchup that does not have sugar in it....you can find it in most major grocery stores with the other ketchups.  I haven't tried this but, I've seen recipes with sweetener and cinnamon on the sweet potatos too.  I love to just eat them plain with salt....and really crunchy.

Kim writes,  February 27, 2009

I found a catsup sweetened with agave at Woodmans in the natural foods aisle.  There was also a fruit sweetened one.  I haven't tried either yet, but just discovered yesterday.

Helen83 writes,  February 27, 2009

Hi... I Just want to mention that Agave is not allowed in CEA-HOW.  Not sure about other no-sugar, no-flour diets.

Lesley writes,  February 28, 2009

Thanks everyone.  Well i live in a small city in canada and i went to a few stores and found no sugarless ketchup so far,  but its alright i'll suffice  :) .  I found the sweet potatoe fries were great with just salt i was just looking for alternatives ,  plus i kind of miss my ketchup  lol

kellyjean writes,  April 25, 2009

sweet potato fries are my fav! there is a couple different ones,i like the one that tastes like caramel but usually the dressing for it contains mayonaise and is to creamy and fatty,u can pull it from the net and substitue lower fat versions.

Nora writes,  May 03, 2009

Simple option for homemade sugar free Ketchup.  One small can sugar free tomato paste, pour into mixing bowl, fill up can with white vinegar, pour into mixing bowl and stir.  Simple, easy.  It works ;)  Store in non reactive container in refrigerator up to two weeks.

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