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Win Tone writes,  August 18, 2015

Although the grain cleaning machine is developing more and more quickly, it fades out the rural market in China. Now let's analyze this phenomenon.


Farmers' overall living level improves. Grain products from small scale of grain processing, such as GRAIN CLEANING MACHINE, can not meet their requirements for the bad flavor and taste. So many of them give up processing by themselves but going to shop to choose grain products. The grain planting structure is also changing. Farmers have more requirement standard for grains. Many of them don't store grains any more. Besides, the grain processing cost is higher and higher.


The grain cleaning machine can produce more various corn food and more grain food becomes popular by people.

1. Grain cleaning machine can produce grain grits and grain flour which are the ideal diet choice for children and the elders for its high nutrition.

2. GRAIN CLEANING MACHINE can produce puffed food with bright colour and soft grain. So it becomes more and  more popular for young people.

3. Grain cleaning machine can produce grain husks which is easily carried and can be stored for a long time.

4. Grain cleaning machine can produce sweet grain used in frozening and cans as vegetables and fresh food.

On the whole, the grain food can be divided as the above, but there has more various grain products. Grain food not only satisfies people's requirements about food in daily life, but also improves the grain cleaning machine technology development and innovation.


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