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Getting rid of those last 10 pounds...  
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Christy writes,  February 20, 2009

I lost weight a couple of years ago but since then gained 7 pounds since then.  I am having a hard time losing those last 10 pounds.  I started this diet a week ago and haven't cheated at all and excercise 4 times a week.  I do cardio and weights.  I haven't seen any difference yet.  Has this happened to anyone else?  How long does it take to lose on this diet.  I feel alot better without sugar so I feel good on that aspect but discouraged with my weight.  Any suggestions???  Thanks

Sandee writes,  February 22, 2009

Hi Christy,  What kind of exercise are you doing?  Does it include stretching and yoga type moves?  I wonder if your body is acidic.  If it is, it can hang on to weight like nobody's business.  You can find Ph strips at the health food store to check...also, this time of year is hard to lose weight too.  For my last 10 lbs...that I thought I needed to lose but didnt'....I went back on the 1st 30 days....no grains at all except for the a.m. oat bran....and my weight stayed the same.  If you have put on muscle weight it very well could have changed what you need to weigh....I checked with my doctor....I weigh about 12 lbs more than I thought I would....and it's the right amount for me....if I weighed what I thought I wanted....it would not be a good thing.

Christy writes,  February 22, 2009

Hi Sandee, I excercise about 4-5 times a week.  I walk/run for an hour about 2 times a week.  The other 2 times I do a aerobic video for 1/2 hour and toning video for the rest of the hour.  I am within my weight range but at the high end.  I have problems with my butt and thighs and around my c-section.  Do you think I should focus more on weights or walking/aerobics?  Thank you

Sandee writes,  February 23, 2009

Hi Christy,  The past few years have been the easiest without a doubt for keeping my weight in check and all I do is "The Firm" 2 times a week and yoga 2 times a week...an hour each.  At first it seems like yoga is not working you out....and actually may be a waste of time even though it feels good....but adding that was the best thing that I've done.  It releases stress, emotions, built up pressure, acid waste that you may not even know is in there.  If you've never done it...."The Yoga Zone" is a good one and so is "Yoga Now" with Mariel Hemingway and Rodney Yee.  Windsor Pilates is good to learn too for the mid section and butt.  The best thing that I've used for my butt is "the fanny lifter" with "The Firm", mine was flat....now it's round and cute : )  Balance is key.  I still suggest checking your acid/ph level too.

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