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How Many Stages Can Sesame Peeling Machine Divide?  
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starchmachine writes,  August 17, 2015

Sesame peeler, also sesame peeling machine, sesame peel remove or removing machine, sesame remover, which is developed by Win Tone Machinery, is a professional equipment for sesame peel removes and separation covering the process of soak, peels remove and separation from kernel.

To summarize, SESAME PEELING MACHINE process includes three stages which are soaking, skin removing and separating process.

1. In soaking process, the decelerator drives the stirrer whose force makes the peripheral and center sesame to rotate up and down, thus the sesames are all soaked.
2. In skin removing, the mutual friction between sesames and the rotating force from the stirrer makes the hull removed from the kernel.
3. In separating peel and kernel process, still driven by stirrer, the hull is discharged through the holes on the plate, while the kernel is sustained by the plate with holes, thus realizing separating.

View of advantages of sesame peeling machine: easy operation, low repair rate. Sesame seed soaking, dehulling, separation of short time, high production efficiency and high product yield.




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