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Win Tone writes,  August 12, 2015

Analyze Domestic Grain cleaning machine Products Price Tendency:

Northeast of China, as China's main grain producing area, has almost no surplus grains for selling. So its grain source may have a big gap. Meanwhile, the grain cleaning machine products, such as starch and alcohol, keep a low price and this makes the production rate keep 50% below. Grain down-stream products supply decrease and this speeds up the price rising of the grain cleaning machine products.


Recently, America encountered serious draught, which affected the grain yield. And some farmers harvested the grain in advance and sold the grain as thin margins feed for animals. Even if it rained later, but the yield had already been affected a lot. Grain prices keep increasing in the future, and this will affect GRAIN CLEANING MACHINE PRODUCTS prices.


As we know that, changes on one factor always affect other related factors. Let's observe attentively.  Only by this , can we seive the oppertunity and create more benefits with the lowest cost.

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