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Win Tone writes,  August 06, 2015

Today, let's talk about wind speed design for GRAIN DESTONER MACHINE pneumatic transmission device.

Here, the wind speed refers to the air flow speed in the usage of the material delivery pipe. It is the main parameter for calculating pneumatic transmission device design. According to the suspension speed definition, if the air flow speed is higher than the lentil material suspension speed, the lentil will be taken away by air flow to realize pneumatic transmission. But in the practical production, due to various factors influence, pneumatic transmission has higher air flow speed compared to suspension speed.


In lentil processing, pneumatic transmission wind speed can be adjusted by experience. Usually, for the unprocessed lentil with even granularity, the delivery wind speed is 1.5-2.5 times than the suspension speed. For the material with even granularity, we can choose the suspension speed of the material with largest granularity distribution proportion as the delivery wind speed. For the powdery lentil, to avoid pipe bonding and blocking, the delivery wind speed should be 5-10 times than the suspension speed. For the common material of the grain processing plants, the delivery wind speed is 18m/s. 

The unprocessed lentil delivery speed can matter the pneumatic transmission system performance and economic benefits. Too low delivery speed may cause low yield and make the delivery unstable and unsafe, such as pulse transmission, material dropping and even pipe blocking. Too high delivery speed is conducive to lentil delivery, but may also increase the flow resistance.

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