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Corn flakes machine progress trend analysis  
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Win Tone writes,  July 14, 2015

Today, let's analyze CORN FLAKES MACHINE development direction. The production capacity and scale of corn flakes machine manufacturer has already satisfied the different needs of domestic market. And some products supply has outstripped demand. The market has higher and higher grade of maturity. Some leading enterprises have high competition advantage in machinery design, manufacturing technology and technical service. And they have been approaching the international advanced level.


Rice mill:

In our country, household mini rice mill, separation iron roll mill, air blast rice mill have large production capacity and are mainly used in rural area. Due to the backward technology, they have low production rate and bad rice quality. And the sales quantity is declining year by year. 

Hulling and milling combination machine has strong development momentum. The current annual quantity demanded of this machine can reach 5000-10,000 sets.

Flour milling machine:

Now, the domestic small scale of flour milling machine has not already satisfied the large market needs. With economic development and people’s living level improving, we will need higher and higher grade of flour quality, which raises the new requirement for the flour milling machine manufacturer. In the large rural market, the flour milling combination machine requirement amount can reach 3000 sets and single machine requirement amount can reach 20,000-30,000 sets. The expert estimates that the small flour milling machine with high economic benefits will have certain market space. 


Edible oil processing equipment:

With our living standard improvement, edible oil consumption develops towards refined oil, salad oil, advanced cooking oil, blend oil and nutrition and health care oil. Now, the popular oil processing machinery in rural market can be divided into power rotation oil press and hydraulic press. They contain a dozen models and specifications and more than twenty kinds of support equipments, such as cleaning, dehulling, cooking and filtering.


The flat rotary type, crawler-type and extractor is quite common in our country. In recent years, we have also developed new products, such as loop type extractor and rotocel extractor. The infusion plant is developing towards medium and large scale direction.


Oilseed puffing—infusion is the new technology, which can improve infusion ability. 

The quality of the edible oil is attracting more and more attentions. And refined oil has occupied larger and larger proportion. The current oil refined machinery has small scale: 20-50t/d, with the common type: batch-type.


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