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Susan writes,  February 13, 2009

I need a life line.  I am a 50 year old teacher who was sugar free for 10 years until the need to take Zoloft in 2004 began a descent into sugar obsession.   I come home every day from teaching first grade and I am so nervous, worn out, hungry and seeking a instant gratification that I have been binging on homemade fudge or m and m's for weeks.  I cannot break out of this cycle, even though my clothes are getting tight, I can't sleep, I am depressed, etc.  I work out, but my eating is driving me to desparation.  Please, I need an oline buddy to inspire me back to hope and health.  My email address is sebennis @yahoo.com.  Thank you very much.


Sandee writes,  February 13, 2009

Hi Susan,

That is a big slump time of day.....are you in a position...or can you get in one to take a 15 minute nap?  I usually do followed by 1/2 pot of coffee....I know that doesn't sound too healthy....but over all I'm in great health....I just had all the tests at the doctor.  When is the last time you were at the doctor just to check everything out....including your hormones....if your thyroid is low....so will your energy be.  If you don't currently drink caffine....don't start.....and that probably wasn't really good advise.  I have fasted many times and gone off caffine during the fast, the initial feeling is extreme fatigue but it's followed by sustainable energy throughout the day....without a nap.  I just really love coffee and it's my last vice .

Some other things that help are regular exercise....deep breathing for even 5 minutes at this time of day helps too....both with energy and mood.  Do you take a good quality multi vitamin?  Also, you may not be getting enough vitamin C.....vitamin C is water soluble....you can take it to bowel tolerance....I take 3 - 4 capsules 1000 mgs each throughout the day.....vitamin D is another one that is too low in many people especially if you're in a cold, low sunlight state like I am, (Michigan), and will cause your energy to drag....we take an extra 1000mg at night with calcium and magnesium.  There are quite a few things that it could be....but by avoiding the sugar and steering toward a healthier life style you're going in the right direction. 

My suggestion to you is to first get a check up with your doctor.  Drop the sugar....there are so many really good alternatives to get you through the urges....fresh fruit is a very good one.  Yoga is wonderful for breathing throughout your entire body which will give you energy and stress release....and supplements.  A good quality multi vitamin, (I use Vibe...it's on the website), essential fatty acids, a green drink, (I like Green Magma) and possibly extra C, D and B vitamins....I didn't mention those...but they also seem to be too low in many people.  Lots of water....1/2 your body weight in oz's, 7-9 hours of sleep every night.  Another thing that I have used is Sam-e, it's an over the counter supplement that helps with my mood....I can go way down in the winter....but this balances it out very well....look into it for your self.  Most important....be kind and loving to yourself, ask God for help and do the next right thing in front of you....some of us in this site are compulsive eaters....myself included....and what you described sounds like what I used to do....so my last suggestion is to check in to ceahow.org....if that feels like something that you may want to look into....and see if it fits. 

Lots of Love and Light to you!


Susan writes,  February 13, 2009

Dear Sandee,

Thank you very much for responding.  Yes, I work out with weights and walk fast on the treadmill for 30 minutes 5 times a week.  I take a killer multi vitamin and 2,000 mg of Vit C daily with lots of other suppliments.  The problem is that my job makes me so nervous that I cannot stop pushing things (as you call it the party in your mouth) in my mouth as a way to calm down fast and get what I think is a much deserved reward.  I realize that I am unhappy as a teacher but in this current economy, I am stuck for the time being.  Teaching is hard work, high stress, long hours at home working and very low pay.  I have made the wrong career choice and I am very angry about it.  The sugar is a revolt I guess.

I am well informed about proper food and exercise, but the hot emotions and anxiety that drive me to binge everyday is the real problem. 



Sandee writes,  February 14, 2009

Okay, that makes a huge difference.  I can hear that you feel out of control and trapped....been there done that....it does not feel good....but there is a way out.  Now my suggestions are to meditate....get in close conscious contact with God....see if there is a class in your area, there are meditations in books.  I also suggest watching Louise Hay's "You can heal your life"....she has a book with the same title as well that is a must have.  The movie "The Secret" is very very helpful when feeling like this.  I was so full of fear, I was constantly running from it and always ready for the rug to get pulled out from under me or that big boom to come down.  The closer I get to God through prayer, meditation, listening to shows like Joyce Meyer Enjoying Every day Life, Creflo Dollar World Changers, Kenneth Copeland and more, doing the exercises that are in the self help books, talking to my sponsor....this can also be a trusted friend or councelor....I've done that too....for the biggies....the things that just didn't seem to go away.  The sugar really does effect our moods too....all food does.....I've experienced that over and over even without sugar and flour if I'm not getting good quality raw fruits and vegetables and I'm eating too much processed "legal" foods, meats, non organic dairy, eggs, etc....i feel it too.  I would also like to suggest an energy healing like Reiki....check with massage therapists in your area if you can't find it under that heading....but there are so many things that you can start today.  Read the 3rd step and 7th step prayers in "my story", I still say those every day and I totally believe that God has led me to all of the wonderful healing that I've experienced because I ask....He won't interfere if you don't ask....but when you do....it's so amazing what He can do! 

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