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500TPD Corn flour mill Maize Production Process  
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Win Tone writes,  July 07, 2015

500TPD Corn flour mill Maize Production Process

1)The dampening system of CORN FLOUR MILL adopts new type of moisture measurement control system. It is the special equipment for moisture measurement of maize production process. It can realize automatic moisture control in the maize production process and measure corn moisture, corn quantity flow and water adding flow. It adjusts the water adding valve automatically, realizes moisture adjustment, adds water when corns are supplied and cuts off the water supply when it runs out of corns. When the corn quantity flow increases, the water adding quantity increases automatically. Meantime, it can realize the control accuracy according to moisture automatic adjustment which has been set and record automatically. The system adopts curve display to provide history record. It can provide corn quantity flow aggregate value and water adding quantity flow aggregate value. It offers corn quantity flow exceeding alarms, moisture exceeding alarms and alarms for abnormal water adding quantity. 

2)It adopts special equipments for germ flaking, improves germ yield and ensures that the smash germs do not run off. When it improves the yield, it can make the oil extraction rate improve at least 1-3‰.

3)Kneading degerming machine of corn flour mill introduces Italian technology and adopts the degerming method that material moves from top to bottom. It has high yield with small power. It has no crushed germs and has high particle size. It has achieved the national patent with the patent number ZL201020627147.0. 

4)Because of the high material moisture, the bolting classifying equipments adopt 304 stainless steel reel and screen. The reel doesn’t distort or block up. This ensures the continuous working and longer service life. 

5)A little of albumen of the raw germs passes the germ flaking machine with the speed ratio. The germ flaking machine’s roller diameter is Ф300×1000. It reduces the albumen content, dynamic consumption and germs crushing rate. 

6)The raw germs enter the flaking mill of the corn flour mill. Then we can extract germs with purity of more than 90%, and germs starch quantity is within 11%.

7)On-line flour extraction accounts for 25-30% of the amount (16 mesh passed). This can save a crusher of 132KW, save power consumption 92KW/H for each hour, and 2208KW/H for each day. According to 0.6RMB per KW/H, we can save the cost 1324.8RMB for each day.Material with 16 mesh enters the crusher for crushing. The crusher adopts the method of one set of machine for working and one set for reserve to ensure continuous production and low dynamic consumption.


8)When the degerming and germ extraction process of the corn flour mill has some trouble and need repair or maintenance, the raw grains after cleaning can be conveyed to crushers for whole grain crushing to ensure continuous production in fermentation section.

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