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Rice Polisher-Hot Sale Rice Milling Equipment  
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queenazhang writes,  June 17, 2015

Wintone Machinery is a professional rice milling machinery manufacturing enterprise, the main products are rice processing equipment including: the raw grain cleaning machine, de-stone machine, paddy husker, paddy separating machine, horizontal rice milling machine, vertical rice milling machine . The grinding mill can also be combined with a variety of other devices such as the rice sorting machine, rice polisher, bucket elevator, and power distribution cabinets.

Rice Polisher is one of our main hot sale products. Next we introduce our rice polisher in the follow:

1. One paddy husking processing, one whitening and polishing processing

2. Automatic control and low grain loss rate

3. Low noise and dust

4. Compact structure and beautiful appearance

5. Easy operation and application

6.Providing finished white rice after milling without further processing needed, suitable for domestic operation.

Export rice polisher and some other rice milling machinery to foreign countries. Anyone who wants to buy rice polisher please feel free to contact us.


Email: wintone15@wintonemachinery.com



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