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Peanut Sheller is Important during Peanuts Process  
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queenazhang writes,  June 10, 2015

Production, open-shell ratio, the whole shelling percentage is related to the degree of skilled workers operating the machine.The peanut is an important economic crop and also a kind of plant that contains nutritional value. All over the world there are large quantities of peanuts used for exporting and food processing, so the development of the peanut sheller machine becomes very important. Generally we combine peanut sheller with destoner, seed decorticator and gravity separator sieve into one machine. Their peanut shelling machine that mainly used for pre-treating the oil seed material is with double roller mills. This series peanut sheller is new type peanut shucking machine, it is a professional equipment for the peanut dehulling. Compact structure, simple operating, low power consumption and noise, stable performance, high safety are advantages of the peanut sheller. The machine is for dehulling peanut shell, it is very good for peanut kernel export. 

We are one of the pioneers who produce peanut sheller, and we have exported our peanut sheller machines to most foreign countries. If you are interested in our peanut sheller machine or some other machinery, please feel free to contact us.



Email: wintone15@wintonemachinery.com

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