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Good Corn Peeling Crusher Machine can Save Money  
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paomo writes,  June 09, 2015

Corn peeling crusher machine is mainly made up with screw rollers and rubber rollers, which can in effect remove the skins of corn, shucking rate can reach to 96–98%, broken rate is below 1%, loss rate is below 2%.  This process need to more employee and this is not acceptable for factory but at our CORN PEELING CRUSHER MACHINE the product is carried quick with helix and it is sent to exit same time. Herewith you don’t need to extra employee.

Corn Peeling Crusher Machine Highlights:

1. The machine combines the peeling and threshing into one process, it would achieve the peeling and threshing process in one operation directly. In addition, it would save our customer the problem to exchange the rotor.

2. It can accomplish the two tasks at same time or separately according to the client's requirement.

3. Its separation rate of grain is high without breaking grains. It is more suitable for family and farm use.

The corn peeling crusher machine will not break the kernels when removing the skins, and it just only need 2.2–3kw, which is very suitable for small farm or home use. It can automatically adjust threshing mouth which can greatly reduce the labor of farmers when shucking corns.



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