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rhonda writes,  January 28, 2009

alot of receipes contain yogurt. i cant find yogurt that doesnt contain some kind of sugar.

also what about oatmeal , grits , and what kind of bread?

Sandee writes,  January 28, 2009

Hi Rhonda,

The 32 oz container of plain yogurt is the only that I know of that is sugar free....I buy it all the time...just add your own flavors and sweeteners.

Oatmeal and grits are fine (1/2 C or 4 oz after the 1st 30 days).  We use Ezekiel bread and Food 4 Life bread both are sugar and flour free...hearty and good.


Jerry  writes,  February 05, 2009

What about california protein bread  from trader joes?

Sandee writes,  February 05, 2009

Can you list the ingredients?  I've not heard of that one.

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