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Low Maintenance and Easy Operation Peanut Sheller  
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Peanut Sheller  writes,  June 01, 2015

A peanut Sheller machine was designed and built to help improve the standard of living of people in third world countries such as Ghana and Haiti. Two prototypes were built to test the concept of using a wheel as a peanut sheller machine. Peanuts would go through a gap between a spinning wheel and a hard friction channel and come out on the other side fully shelled. The peanut sheller was powered using a crank. Second prototype was built after the concept of the spinning wheel worked after: testing the first prototype. Peanuts were shelled without breaking the kernels however a separator mechanism still needs to be built to separate the kernels from the shells.

Owing to the finest raw materials and modern machinery used in its manufacture, the offered Peanut Sheller Machine has a sturdy and corrosion resistant construct. Manufactured in accordance with the industry set norms and guidelines, its quality is highly standardized. Further, its impeccable performance, service life and market leading pricing, make the product highly asked for in the market.


Email: wintone15@wintonemachinery.com



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