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Why Customers Choose Our Peanut Oil Expeller ?  
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queenazhang writes,  May 26, 2015

Wintone Machinery is a professional edible oil mill machinery manufacture in China for many years. We produce all kinds of oil expeller machines and other oil processing machines for peanut, sunflower, cottonseed, peanut, etc.


Peanut oil expeller also named peanut oil press machine, in general. Our peanut oil expeller in line with the Ministry of Agriculture for agricultural technical conditions and standards, its processing and production of oil authentic, pure fidelity, is to create the best choice for the modern oil press machine.

Now we introduce our peanut oil expeller characteristics:

1. Health and safety -- fresh nutrition


Our oil, optional not adulterated, not the drainage oil, materials, safety and health.


2, Strong function, can be pressed tea seed, peanut, sunflower seeds, walnuts, sesame, rapeseed.


Diversified oil, let you at any moment to eat on their own health edible oil


3. The material, the material and are in line with national food grade requirements, the main parts are imported food grade 304 stainless steel.


4. Energy saving, energy saving, oil consumption is only less than half of a power.


5. The purchase of raw materials, markets, supermarkets, convenient network are available.


6. Convenient cleaning, pressing chamber pressing rod pull gently separated, easy cleaning, can also be used to sterilizing cabinet.


Do you have interest to invest in peanut oil production business? Are you confused to choose a good Edible Oil Mill Machinery Manufacture for long time cooperate?

If you want to invest in peanut oil expeller, please feel free to contact us. We will give you a professional solution according your requirements.


Email: wintone15@wintonemachinery.com




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